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A bit about me to set the scene.

Got to 52 and with the tragic passing of a very young family member , I thought that there has to be something more that I need to experience, to take a distressing time and learn from it. I began to understand that any amount of money, high flying career, big house, big car etc means very little in the end. Yes, it is easy for me to say, I am not a high flyer but I have been blessed with a good life, family and friends and enough to enjoy life. Rajiv and Ajay have become lovely young men and I felt comfortable that I had done my best for them, they had a roof over their heads and were safe and happy enough for me to embark on my travels and not be a burden to them.

So, overweight, menopausal and grey haired, I decided to have a career break (retirement is too scary) and volunteer for a few months. After thinking about what I might do upon my return, I thought that maybe returning was an option, not a given!

This blog is to record my adventures, short or long, but please join me either vicariously or in person.

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4 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi Nisha, it was a pleasure to meet you in Hanoi and be part of your journey/ adventure. Wish you all the best moving forward. Bon Voyage dear girl friend!!!

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  2. Hi Nisha, I am waiting for your blog on Hoi An because I want to relive the moments with your reads. Keep writing Girl xx


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