Sticky Rice and Happy Stops….

Christmas Eve, 2019 was spent in Hue, after the dragon boat ride along the Perfume River, we were treated to a Christmas Eve dinner courtesy of On the Go Tours, let’s just say that the thought was there!! Adam, a fellow traveller, had gone out and bought us all Christmas hats to get us inContinue reading “Sticky Rice and Happy Stops….”

Hanoi to Hue, 23rd December, 2019.

Walking around the Old Town area of Hanoi in the afternoon confirmed my thoughts on how much it reminded me of some of the quieter Bombay streets. Shops piled up their wares on the pavement, hung up in string lengths, ladies sat on the pavement selling vegetables in great wicker baskets, so much like BreachContinue reading “Hanoi to Hue, 23rd December, 2019.”